Art Nouveau Terracotta Figurine from Austria

circa: 1910
origin: Austria
height: 9.5"
width: 11"
depth: 14"
reference: P200

price: $1,295

An Art Nouveau painted terracotta figurine displaying a maiden lounging on a water lily pad, circa 1910. Possibly a water nymph, she reclines languidly at the edge of the lily pad with chalice in hand and diaphanous robes swirling around her. She has a grapevine in her hair, which is repeated on the rock that she leans against, likely denoting that her urn is spilling wine. The raised edges of the lily pad are pleasantly scalloped. She is ivory in color with deep green tones applied to highlight texture, the lily pad contains a few shades of deep green.

It can be used as a vide-poches or for potpourri. This piece from Austria is signed Stahlknetch.

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