Mid-Century Mirrored Venetian Glass Two Drawer Chest, 1950s

circa: 1950s
origin: Lyon
height: 25"
width: 13.5"
depth: 11.5"
reference: 17058

price: $1,750

A fetching and petite mid-century Venetian glass mirrored chest of drawers with mahogany legs, circa 1950s. Perfect for a bedside table or cabinet. The mirrored top has a sinuously scalloped profile with beveled edges and a languid etched trim line. Two mirrored drawers make up the front, both with stylized etched floral bouquets and trim lines, as well as brass knobs with scalloped mirror faces. The bottom drawer has a broadly scalloped lower edge. Either side is mirrored with a lower edge matching the front. Sleek etched bouquets hang from the top and an arched trim line embellishes both. The back is a simple square mirror. Darkly stained mahogany legs join the four sides at an angle. The legs curve gracefully and taper at the ends. Interior drawer space for both is 8.5" wide, 7.5" long and 3" deep.

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