French Sculpted Brass and Bronze Church Candleholder

circa: 1860s
origin: France
height: 42"
width: 10.25"
depth: 10.25"
reference: CC44

price: $1,500

A large brass and gilt bronze religious candleholder, circa 1860s. The three sided base is made of gilt bronze and has winged gryffin feet at each corner. Garlands reach up from the feet and end in winged cherub heads. Each of the three sides has a cast image, the first being Madonna and child, the second a sacred heart and the third is Hebrew script for the name of the divine YHVH. Rising from the three sided base is a stylized bundle of acanthus leaves, met by smooth rings then another bundle of acanthus that sprouts a tall, fluted shaft. This shaft ends in decorative palm leaves that transition into another pedestal. A ring of petals support a dish with gadrooned edges that rim the base with spire where the candle is attached. The base is gilt bronze, the rest is brass. Its a substantial piece, perfect for collectors of ecclesiastical items.

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