Set of 4 Frames with Hunting Scene Prints

circa: 20th century
origin: England
height: 17.75"
width: 22"
reference: W70

price: $2,000

A set of four engraving prints with mahogany frames representing early 1800s hunting scenes. They are titled "Stag Hunting", "Shooters going out in a morning", "Hare hunting" and "Fox hunting". Rich earth tones on each print. The faces of the men and animals have a slightly primitive quality to them. Beautiful landscapes and action scenes throughout. Simple mahogany frames with thin, dark stripes and a beveled interior edge.

Print #1. Shooters going out in a morning (top left)
    Artist:  Samuel Howitt, 1756-1822
    Engraver: Clark & Merke
    Publisher:  Edward Orme

Print #2. Hare hunting (top right)
Print #3. Fox hunting (bottom left) 
Print #4. Stag Hunting (bottom right) 
    Artist:  Samuel Howitt, 1756-1822
    Engraver: Godby & Merke Sculpt
    Publisher:  Edward Orme

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