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A Few Great Vignettes

We love treating our customers to a glimpse of our collection! Over the years, our photography skills and equipment have evolved. And, we have discovered that it is oftentimes thanks to our photography that we help customers with their decisions on what pieces they want to add to their homes. Recently, we have been in the studio photographing some of our favorite new pieces. And, we wanted to show off these items both standing alone and in our curated vignette settings.

Many customers have noted that it is our vignette photographs that help them make their purchasing decision. They have told us it gives them a better idea of scale and also ideas on how they might use the piece in their home. In many of the photos, you may catch yourself admiring the gorgeous fine oriental and decorative rugs. Consider treating rugs as an important addition to the ambiance of your home like a work of art.  If so, enjoy these beautiful rugs and more by shopping with our colleague, David Alan Rugs!

In this scene, we have a large, ornate vintage round Venetian Mirror dating to the 1950s. What we love about this is the amber-tinted mirrored glass, the scalloped, beveled edges, and its overall beauty! If you are looking for a statement piece for your front entry, dining room, guest bathroom, this is the piece to procure. It is a one-of-a-kind beauty.

You can read more about this lovely mirror here.

We're willing to wager that you've never heard of the special type of wood that makes up this remarkable Art Deco credenza. Also used to make xylophone keys, Amboyna is a very tough wood that finishes beautifully in furniture as well. A rather large piece, the credenza makes such a bold statement, we decided its surroundings needed to leave ample viewing angles to appreciate its grandeur!

For more about this unique credenza, visit our website.

Although we imagine the polished steel file cabinet you see here might have been used in an office in 1950s Paris, we felt like it was the perfect piece for this seamstress scene. Two haberdasher's storage boxes, a pair of seamstress forms, and a beautiful jeweler's desk really round out this mock workshop and gave us an opportunity to showcase a few of our more utilitarian pieces which would add so much character to your home. 

There's no denying that a great table can make a great room! And that's exactly how we feel about this highly decorative and unique Spanish trestle table. Made of a rich, warm, old-growth oak wood and featuring a scrolled iron stretcher, we envisioned this as the ideal console table. The interesting shape of the legs is reminiscent of the ancient musical instrument, the lyre. And that just makes our hearts sing!

For more on this stylish Spanish trestle table, view it here.

Well there you have it! Another small collection of our vignette images. It's a great joy to feature our pieces in these vignette settings and help our customers envision how the piece might look in their own home. And, another crucial role of these photographs is to show scale. Sometimes it is difficult to judge the scale of a piece when all you have are photographs online. Putting our antique and vintage pieces into a relatable scene allows our online shoppers to understand exactly how their favorites will look when they arrive. Until next time, bonne journée!

posted on 6/28/2020