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Design Trends Popping Up in 2020

When Pantone announced that the Color of the Year for 2020 would be Classic Blue, many were not surprised. Blue is the color of calm and confidence, so it's really no wonder that blue is a fine choice for an interior space. But it's not just wall color; we are seeing blue show up in furniture upholstery, decorative tiles, rugs and artwork too.

In bold contrast (pun intended!), we are also seeing a lot of black-and-white interior themes. We wonder if a resurgence in black cabinetry in general has contributed to this, because many of the black-and-white rooms that we've seen recently happen to be kitchens. But a number of designers are incorporating a stark look in other rooms as well.

Wallpaper boomed in 2019, so it's no surprise that some pretty wild patterns have been showing up in 2020 designs. Interestingly, many more designers are using accent tiles to showcase a fun or whimsical pattern this year. Decorative tile is especially durable for a fun patterned accent wall in an outdoor space, but we are seeing geometric patterns, floral motifs, and abstract patterns in wallpaper particularly.

Natural materials always ebb and flow in design trends. We're seeing more wood in use this year, especially shou sugi ban. Wood is normally used to "warm" a space up, but with the growing popularity of the Japanese charring technique, some designers are exploring a new domain for the role of wood in interior spaces.

As the economy continues to become stronger and stronger, many artisans are finding a market for intricate and handmade decorative items. Hand-blown Murano glass lighting has been a staple of many interiors for a very long time, and justifiably so, but lately we've been seeing many more hand-crafted decorative pieces in other materials. This handmade chandelier and hand-wrought copper bed warmers are perfect examples.

Of course we are biased, but we're glad to see that many designers are continuing to incorporate antique and vintage items into their spaces. Sometimes we see an entire room, sometimes a single or a few vintage pieces will accompany an otherwise modern aesthetic to accent a particular space. Antiques can connect us to a time long past, and vintage items can even be nostalgic, so we love seeing these items add their unique charm and warmth to new rooms!

Among other old-world appointments in this modern dining room, a set of vintage hairdresser's armchairs in faint pink bring the colors of the room together at the focal point; the table! You can see more of these remarkable chairs here.

Here is another stunning room with modern and antique working seamlessly to warm the space.

Fibers are showing up in a big way this year! From wall art to lighting fixtures, even floor coverings, we are seeing a lot of natural fibers coming on strong in 2020. It is a very lovely way to add some warmth and texture to a space and make it feel more like home. We like this trend a lot! And we love to tip our hat to our friends and neighbors, David Alan Rugs, who carry an incredible collection of fine rugs that truly inspire!

Did we miss something you've noticed in design this year? Something you wish would become a trend? Let us know!

posted on 5/12/2020