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Our Favorite Vignettes: 2019 Edition!

It's time again to look back at our year in vignettes! If you recall, we did a recap in 2018 of some of our favorite images, in which we show our pieces "in situ" to demonstrate how they may feel in your own home. We take pride in organizing simple yet sophisticated rooms to show how we envision some pieces in our collection being used in their new home. Many of our customers find these vignettes helpful in determining whether a piece from Négrel Antiques will complement an existing design scheme, or sometimes to realize that they're looking at a true statement piece. Either way, we love to treat our customers to a glimpse into our collection!

In this scene, we have a robust and stately French Louis Philippe Buffet d'Appui as an anchor piece against the wall, with a wonderful Rococo bistro table from Spain and a stellar rug from David Alan Rugs. We envisioned this room as a sort of library, with our imaginary customer surrounded by books. And so a fun travel trunk served as yet another surface for a collection of warm leather-bound books, rich with knowledge. In French, of course!

After a busy day of reading, it's always nice to have a nap. And what can be better than a reclining sofa for a little afternoon catnap?! This unique Art Deco style French sofa features a reclining armrest. And if you're not quite finished with your book, you can turn on this Mid-Century gilded chandelier to illuminate those last few pages before you doze off. And when you awake? You can quickly quell your disheveled bed-head in our lovely Louis XVI style gold leaf mirror! When we are building a vignette, we try to find pieces that will complement each other well and show you how they can come alive in your home. This fine rug adds to the warmth, and we thank David Alan Rugs for their contributions. Can you imagine napping in this salon?

In this vignette, we thought of a small study! Our stately single-door Louis XV bonnetiere holds your notebooks while you immerse yourself in an antique map of the Ural Mountains on a broad and sturdy Mid-Century library table. To help keep you keep from getting too lost in your work, a friendly fern peeks out at you from a turn-of-the-century Barbotine cache pot we used as a small jardiniere.

Imagine an old friend stops by for a visit. You haven't seen them in YEARS, so naturally you'll want to sit and chat. What better conversation spot than a pair of comfy Louis XIII ebonized armchairs? Toss some coasters on our petite Louis XVI mahogany side table for a couple of spritzers, and let the banter begin! As your catching-up marathon stretches into the evening, switch on the nearby table lamp, a unique 1960s French piece in the style of Maison Jansen sporting a fun pineapple motif!

When Cathy and Pierre found this wicker loveseat from the 1930s, they both couldn't wait to sit on it! Comfortable and stylish, as well as very symmetrical, we felt it should be "paired" up. A pair of stylish Mid-Century brass side tables add to the setting, and a pair of framed lithograph prints by Gould of South American birds watch over the scene.

One of our favorite pieces is this remarkable curule bench from the 1950s. In Renaissance Revival Rococo style, the seat stands alone so well, we felt it shouldn't be encumbered by other furniture. So we hung a collection of framed pressed botanicals and made a vignette of a simple sit spot! Seems like a great scene to take a break and check IG!

Well there you have it! Another small collection of our vignette images. It's a great joy to create these images to help our customers envision a piece in their own home. Another crucial role these photographs play is showing scale. Sometimes it is difficult to judge the scale of a piece when all you have are photographs online. Putting our antique and vintage pieces into a relatable scene allows our online shoppers to understand exactly how their favorites will look when they arrive. Until next time, bonne journée!

posted on 7/22/2019