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Bring Paris Home for the Holidays

The Lights. The Snow. The Cheer. It’s inevitable that a holiday season spent in the city of love is unrivaled. If you find yourself missing home, or are just a Francophile like us, read this blog for a few quick tips to bring the spirit of Paris to your home for the holidays.

While the architecture in the States can’t quite compare to the detailed history of the buildings in this city, try bringing in a few more interesting pieces to spice up your space.  Sometimes, what’s inside the house matters more than the outside. These are a few of our favorite pieces that would warm up any space.

The culture in this city is paramount. There’s such a variety of things to see and do, it’s nice to add just a piece of that excitement into your own home. Try adding conversation pieces to your walls and shelves that have stories. So when you’re guests ask where you got it, or what it is, you’ll be able to talk about its history and add depth to your space.

Add lights. Any amount of small white lights to remind you of the gorgeous Paris skyline can make you feel magical. It doesn’t just have to be on the tree or the menorah. Add them to any centerpiece on a table, and on any shelves you have. It’ll add light and give the illusion of more space and warmth.

It’s no secret Paris is the culinary capital of the world, so bring a taste of that into your home with charcuterie! It’s the french word for delicatessen, and is all about bringing an assortment of meats together. Pair them with some of your favorite cheeses, fruits, jams and nuts! It’s such an easy way to entertain guests with a unique flavor experience!

No matter where you’re spending your holidays, we hope it feels like Paris.

With love, Négrel Antiques.

posted on 12/14/2018