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2018 Design Trends: Gallery Wall

The minds at Elle Decor have prognosticated that wall art, in particular gallery walls, will be a strong trend in the coming year. They can be tough to tackle, so we thought we’d throw in our two cents worth. How much is too much? What suits my style? Well, do you like an orderly look, or do you favor something kind of funky? If repetition and clean lines are pleasing for you, consider putting up a series of like objects in matching frames. May we suggest something like our pressed botanical studies? When you place similar items together, especially when they have the same frames or mats, it creates rhythm and a unifying sense of order. One plus here is that you can keep the arrangement pretty simple, one clean line or a box grouping, easy peasy.

Négrel Antiques has two available sets of pressed botanicals, one set of six and another set of four, as well as two pairs of lovely floral prints from the images of Redoute, which are in a similar vein. If, on the other hand, you lean more towards the eclectic, you may want to go the route of the random or off-the-wall (no pun intended).

Think along the lines of our French School Map of the USSR, the framed Pencil Engraving of a Clown, or the Vintage French Floral Immortelles Wreaths.

Find images or objects that call to you and when you have enough it’s time to arrange. Our suggestion is to measure the size of the wall space you’re looking to cover, next you will measure that space out on the floor and tape it off with painter’s tape. Now experiment with different layouts until it looks right to your eye. You can spread them out so that their outside edges form a neat border, or you may group them together to create an interesting, irregular shape. We chose a set of four pressed botanicals to pair with a unique and shapely curule bench against a lovely lavendar wall.

Then all that’s left is to measure out the nail placements, hang and enjoy!

Call to share!!! If you have a gallery wall or have decided to attempt one, we’d love to see your pics! Tag us on Instagram or share on our Facebook page. Process and finished projects are all welcome.

posted on 3/3/2018