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Shopping in France with Négrel Antiques: What We Saw, What We Liked!

Our favorite part of visiting France so often is that we get to see our family and all of our friends. Some even let us stay with them, which is the best way to visit a foreign land. Some meet us for dinner and drinks while we are in their town. Some even travel across France to meet us where we are!

How can we talk about a trip to France without mentioning the food? Our dining experiences are always one of the highlights of our visits to France. Desserts with friends walking about downtown Marseille, sipping fine wine with French cheeses, pastries with breakfast: the culinary masterpieces of France are worth the trip alone!

While we spend much of our time traveling around the south of France to visit the various antiques markets, international antique fairs, along with a select group of antique merchants  to find the pieces that we bring back to Texas, we often spend most of our downtime in Pierre's hometown of Marseille. Right on the Mediterranean, it's one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Here are a few images:

With more time to spend in Marseille on this buying trip, we were happy to discover the many villages (otherwise known as arrondisements) that make up the large port city of Marseille. One of the villages that we particularly enjoy closest to Pierre's mother's home is Malmousque also known as the Anse de Malmousque which features many lovely historical homes, the five-star hotel/restaurant, Le Petit Nice, and many splendid spots to view the Mediterranean Sea. One of these spots is ideal for yoga on a Sunday afternoon.

Many years ago, Pierre once lived in another one of the colorful villages of Marseille called Le Panier. It translates as "The Basket" and is often referred to as Old Town as it is one of the oldest districts of the city. It was frequented by the famous (or infamous!) Giacomo Casanova when he stayed in Marseille and has been the focus of many immigrant arrivals. On this particular visit, we decided to explore Le Panier a bit so that Pierre could show us around ;)

On our last weekend in Marseille, the city hosted a multi-distance run. They had three distances, a marathon, half-marathon, and a 10K. Being in Austin, we are used to events like this, so we stopped for a bit to watch the participants and cheer them on. It was very cool to see so many international runners race along the Corniche Kennedy (just in front of Pierre's mother's home) to downtown Marseille; running through such an historic city. And they even had live music, quite like Austin's Cap 10K race!

Of course, we would always prefer to stay in Europe longer each year as we enjoy our time abroad so much that it sometimes hardly feels like work at all. Our new shipment is on a vessel traveling across the ocean as we write and will be arriving in Texas soon. So please stay tuned...we'll begin showing our new collection to the public over the next few weeks. We are happy to be home with our sweet Sami. And as for you France, à la prochaine!

posted on 4/15/2017