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A Touch of Greenery with Négrel Antiques

Can you think of a better way to start fresh than an invigorating hue? Pantone has named Greenery the Color of the Year for 2017, and how appropriate, given that green is symbolic of rejuvenation and good luck! Our heads have been spinning thinking of the new possibilities that this color brings, but it is bold, and that can give many people pause in using it in their home. We wanted to share some ideas on how Greenery enlivened our spaces and pieces. Maybe it can do the same for you!

The easiest thing to pair with Greenery’s grassy countenance is wood tone of all kinds. What could be more natural? Lighter species like pine or maple pick up on the yellow undertones in Greenery and promote a fresh feel. Darker wood types or stained woods carry more visual weight and supply a more formal tone. Regardless of the finish, the warmth and grain of wood makes an excellent foil for this hot hue.

Much like the way lighter wood brings out the yellow in Greenery, gold tones like brass and gilt items echo its zesty side. These items will really reach out and help draw you into the space. A fantastic brass bar cart, gilt mirror, or gold-tone picture frames are simple pieces that you can pepper throughout a green room with the utmost confidence.

It may be easy to imagine that you shouldn’t pair bright colors with such an assertive shade, but dropping in pops of color can really step up the design of your green space. Hints of red, blue, coral, or even purple will add impact and help draw the eye around the room. You can layer in new colors through upholstery or accessories. If you’re feeling timid, just start small and remember that you can always edit!

An easy way of changing the tone of a space is through the use of black and white decorative items. An abundance of white will keep a crisp feel, while a wealth of black will introduce a statelier, more masculine vibe. Accessories and lighting are easy go-tos for black and white, as well as photo frames and fabric choices.

Now, we are not suggesting that you absolutely must always paint an entire room green to make use of this bold color. Why not have an accent in green? We find that a green chair like this one in an otherwise neutral room still packs a punch!

Have you experimented with Pantone's new Greenery color for yourself? We'd love to see your project, so please send it to us! Thanks for reading!

posted on 2/16/2017