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Their Story Continues...

I'm sure all businesses appreciate positive reviews, but one of our favorite accolades at Négrel Antiques is when our customers send us photos of their new favorite furniture and decorative pieces installed in their home. The best part of dealing in antiques and vintage finds is hearing the story that each table or mirror has to tell. And part of that story is the new home that we help find them. Come with us now as we take you on a tour at just a glimpse of all our happy customers!

Julie and Laurent have purchased a number of things from us over the years; among them are these unique pieces. A remarkable kitsch French dental cabinet which serves as their bar cart, and an absolutely wild candy cane Murano glass lantern in their foyer.

Our new client Emlyn recently took this jaw-dropping Provençal dining table. At over eleven feet long, it's a very commanding piece. But it looks like her kiddo can handle it! Or maybe the other way around?

Carin and Paul have long been friends AND customers, and we were honored to help them furnish their new home several years ago. It was recently listed for sale here in Austin and it was lovely to review the photos and see how our pieces had enriched their home. Good luck to them on their next adventure!

Tracy and John had their keen eye on our amazing Stephanoise armoire and decided that they had to have it for their home in the Carolinas. But unlike most folks, they decided to make the journey to Texas to pick it up themselves. Impressively prepared and remarkably punctual, they arrived with an enclosed trailer to carry it home. After Pierre helped explain how the piece was to be reassembled when they returned home, we all worked together to load it safely and securely. Being quite handy himself, John is friends with other handy folks who he recruited to help him reassemble the armoire in their home. Tracy graciously sent us a few snaps of the armoire in its new spot and we just love it!

Debbie was in need of a set of six dining chairs and fell in love with our set of Louis XIII-style upholstered walnut chairs. After their delivery, she sent us a few pics of her freshly updated dining room and we just love her aesthetic!

Our new customer, Ellen, needed some vintage furnishings for her home and settled on these two rare and wonderful pieces. A unique buffet d'appui and stunning établi de menuisier, both handmade, lend an extra element of bespoke charm to her space. We're floored with her decorating acumen; these pieces look great!

Craig recently purchased an incredible Art Deco mantel clock from us and had it shipped to his home in London. I'm pretty sure he has the most unique fireplace we have ever seen and we are just thrilled that he chose our piece to finish off his hearth a spectacular look! What do you think?

Our list wouldn't be complete without our own home! After traveling to France for so many years looking for wonderful pieces for our showroom collection, we've also found a number of stellar pieces for our own home in the process. Here are just a few :)

I hope you've enjoyed taking a virtual tour of some of our customers' homes, and a big thank you to our wonderful patrons who shared their photos with us. It's an absolute joy to know how our business helps folks decorate their homes and Pierre and I look forward to seeing more. If you have one of our pieces in your home and would like to share a photo of it with us, please send it to cathy@negrelantiques.com so we can see how their story continues. Merci beaucoup!

posted on 6/29/2021