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Evolution of French Decorative Arts: Louis XV

It wasn't exactly out with the old and in with the new when Louis XV ascended the throne in 1723. The baroque fashion of his predecessor, Louis XIV, remained in style until the 1730s. We love baroque, but all good things must come to an end! Enter rococo - the style synonymous with Louis XV’s reign.

Though the rococo style remains beautiful and sought after today, it lasted only a short while during the king’s reign. From the 1750s and on until the king’s death in 1774, the style sobered and adopted influences of antiquity, initiating the neoclassical movement. However, we remain enamored of the marvelous use of pastel colors and sinuous carvings that made for truly graceful furniture and decor. What makes it even better is that everything was designed for comfort and ease. Chairs had padded seats, the furniture was light, and every piece had a purpose. Another great thing about this period is the emergence of new furniture and the modification of the old. The use of rare woods (such as tulip, lemon tree, and violet), iridescent pastel colors, and exotic scenery made these pieces exceptionally striking.

Here are rococo style pieces that we admire:

Rococo-style matching bedside tables with secret drawers!


Louis XV Bergère, or upholstered armchair.


Louis XV sideboard and side table!


A Rococo three-tier side table made of iron.


A remarkable Louis XV armoire with exquisite detail.


No Rococo room would be complete without a mirror on the wall!

Clearly, we are loco for rococo! Feel free to look at our site here for some more LXV inspired pieces. And be sure to check out season 2 of the Starz show Outlander for some historical drama about Louis XV. Until next time!


posted on 5/22/2019