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Don't Kick The Bucket! A Champagne Toast by Jodie Rogge

“The immortal rich, like the Disney of tabloid legend, can be stored for future resurrection in the ultimate ice bucket, a grandiose and pharaonic but weirdly practical container, the last status symbol of the space-age self-made man.”

I still have the image in my head of my Dad filling our silver ice bucket and placing it on the bar counter before our annual Christmas party. He was the bartender for every special occasion, and the ice bucket was his greatest tool. The simple elegance of our ice bucket added a sense of class to our party, which was a funny contrast between the plastic cups we were using.

“Yet there is still no more luxurious sight than a silver ice bucket with a bottle of champagne chunked down inside, wisps of cold curling.”

The ice bucket holds a peculiar spot between practical object and status symbol. They have been made in plastic and become staples in every hotel or motel across the country. However, the non-plastic, silver or glass ice buckets of the past still carry the luxury and status of Mad Men-era sophistication. Like Don Draper asking Peggy to bring in the ice to celebrate their team’s win or my Mom chilling champagne in a grand, vintage silver ice bucket for various engagement parties or luncheons hosted at our house.

“She removes the lid from a snug, coppery ice bucket and picks out a cube with her fingers—such a picture of privilege and decadence, daintiness and greed.”

Growing up, seeing the ice bucket meant something special; a celebration with champagne to toast the honors of siblings graduating, congratulate newly weds, or simply raising a glass to family and friends gathered together. My Mom has a gift for hosting, and she always let me in on her biggest secret: The easiest way to treat the ones you love is with a meaningful toast and a crisp, cold glass of champagne. And the best way to maintain a cold bottle of champagne is in the frosty hold of a classic ice bucket!

"Ice holds the moment suspended in eternity, and ice is what slips away. The buckets we put it in are functional and family-friendly or ornamental and delicately wrought"

All quotes by Jack Pendarvis.

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posted on 11/14/2018