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Vignettes of our 2018 Collection from France

One thing that we pride ourselves for at Negrel Antiques is creating simple and appealing photographic scenes that feature pieces from our collection. For several years, we have focused sharply (if you’ll excuse the pun!) on making our imagery as accurate and beautiful as possible for the sake of folks who are shopping with us online. It’s important to us that the viewer can not only gather ideas on how to use a particular piece in their home, but also that they can get a sense of the scale of that piece, how it relates to other items. So we started arranging scenes with with this purpose in mind. And we affectionately refer to these images as our "vignettes" because, just like the literary sense of the word, we focus on one element while still showing its relation to the whole room.

Creating our vignettes is quite a lot of work and we like it to be a group effort, with everyone on hand sharing their ideas adjusting the scene as we go. For each one, we ponder which pieces will complement each other, so that they all look their best. Finishing touches help enhance the feeling of a space, so we take care to add decorative accessories, art, props, and even fresh flowers. And while we are generally limited to the confines of our photo studio most of the time, we occasionally venture out to show a piece in a more natural setting.

We hope you enjoy our vignettes as much as we enjoy creating them. Merci encore!

posted on 7/16/2018