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Adventures in Antibes

Sophia, our UT graduating intern, is heading to Antibes this summer and we asked her to share about her upcoming travels! Here's what she wanted to say about the charming city of Antibes; enjoy :D

There’s nothing like escaping the Texas heat and swapping it for a summer in France. Of course, it is still hot, but the beaches, food, and Pastis all make the heat more bearable. And, of course, it is France! You all know that Négrel Antiques loves to write about trips to Paris and Marseille, but have you ever heard of Antibes? Antibes is in the south of France between Nice and Cannes and is a beautiful city filled with plenty of things to do such as…


Museums are a great way to get to know about a city’s culture, and Antibes offers a vast array of museums for everyone. For art lovers like us, the Musée Picasso is stunning. Originally Château Grimaldi and Picasso’s studio, the museum boasts a great variety of his works ranging from paintings to ceramics to lithographs. Picasso himself did say, “If you want to see the Picassos from Antibes, you have to see them in Antibes.” To take a break from modern art, stroll on over to the Musée Peynet. Raymond Peynet was a French cartoonist and satirical illustrator. Musée Peynet houses his whimsical works and the works of other cartoonists who share his satirical sense of humor. Sounds like fun, right? Now, for the drink enthusiasts, you will not want to miss the Musée de l’Absinthe. This museum doubles as an absinthe bar with a gallery and also an exhibition. This once banned spirit was historically described as a distilled, highly alcoholic beverage. If you are up to it, the museum offers plenty of samples you can try out.


When you start to feel a bit weary from museum hopping, don't fret...as you can go grab a delicious French crepe or have a cappuccino. You’re in luck because French cuisine is noted for being among the best in the world. Coffee not so much, but Le Café Jardin (about a five minute walk from Musée Picasso) serves a good cup of jo in a beautiful, plant-filled courtyard. It is the perfect place to stop for a break while discovering Antibes.


Here is a list of the "must see" spots to visit in Antibes:

Fort Carré

  • For a great view with some history, Fort Carré is the perfect place to go. It was built 26 meters above sea level by order of France's King Henry II. This fortress was used as a defensive site for Antibes.

Villa Eilenroc

  • Villa Eilenroc is a magnificent neoclassical house open to the public. King Leopold II of Belgium and King Farouk of Egypt both lived at the villa at one point!

Cathedral Notre Dame

  • Not exactly the Notre Dame of Paris, the Cathedral Notre-Dame-de-la-Platea of Antibes is one of the main tourist attractions in the area. Inside, you can find the alluring Vierge du Rosarie painting by Ludovico Brea.

Jardin botanique de la Villa Thuret

  • To become one with nature in an otherwise resort town, you won't want to miss the renowned Jardin botanique de la Villa Thuret. Created in 1857 by Gustave Thuret, photographs simply cannot fully represent the 1,600 exotic species in the gardens. Imagine enjoying a wonderful morning stroll in this garden that contains about 2,500 trees and shrubs among its collections.


Jazz à Juan Festival • Juan-Les-Pins, Antibes

  • I will be in Antibes with my parents this summer, and we are looking forward to attending the Jazz à Juan Festival. This year, the festival runs from July 12th-22nd, and performers from around the world will take the stage..including Lenny Kravitz, Earth Wind and Fire, Norah Jones and many more. What a wonderful way to enjoy the region and listen to fantastic musicians perform!

Bastille Day

  • Bastille Day is one of the most jubilant days in France. If you visit France in July, you literally cannot miss it. July 14th is celebrated with fireworks, parades, and concerts not only in France but all over the world. I will be heading to Cannes for the evening to enjoy dinner on the beach and the pyrotechnic show at the Carlton Hotel.


I love the beach, and luckily Cap d’Antibes has a plethora of beaches to choose from. These photos speak for themselves. You can find many beach clubs and areas between Cap d’Antibes and Juan-les-Pin.


  • Cannes

  • Nice

  • Monaco

  • Châteauneuf-du-Pape

    • Try not to leave France without drinking the delicious wine that the country has to offer. And Châteauneuf-du-Pape produces some of the finest wines of all varieties!

  • Roussillon

    • Roussillon, at the foot of the Monts de Vaucluse, is one of the "must-sees" in the Luberon. Situated in one of the largest ochre deposits in the world, Roussillon is well known for its magnificent red cliffs and ochre quarries.

Thank you so much to Sophia for sharing her research with us! Antibes just flew to the top of our list :D

À bientôt!

posted on 7/2/2018