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Spring Cleaning: Up and Out!

When it comes to the age-old tradition of spring cleaning, most people immediately fixate solely on wiping baseboards and resealing tile grout. And still other folks think of purging your home of unwanted or unused belongings (Goodwill run, anyone?). That doesn't always have to be the only objective! Along with the requisite cleaning of neglected surfaces in your kitchen and closets, one thing you might seriously consider is a reorganization of your storage. Perhaps the best place to start is by sprucing up your cabinet game ;)

A stylish cabinet is possibly one of the easiest ways to create storage seemingly out of thin air. If you have an unused area next to an armchair or beside a lamp, a small or medium-sized cabinet can work wonders for both storage AND aesthetic. Plus now you have a new place to set your drink!

Organization guru, Marie Kondo, advises to "designate a place for each thing" as part of her world-renowned KonMari method of organization. And our good friend and Austin-based certified KonMari Consultant, Erin Mursch, reminds us to find the spark of joy in every object in our homes.

One of our favorite pieces for storage is the classic trunk. They have been used for centuries in cultures around the world to keep needed, but not necessarily exigent items. Sometimes differentiated from the word "chest" to denote more permanent placement, lately we have been seeing many designers use trunks as focal points in a room. Everyday joy-filled objects can be placed atop an attractive trunk, while occasionally needed items like linens and photo albums are safely stowed inside. These may be belongings that you won't necessarily be purging anytime soon, so make their storage beautiful!

Called simply a "display case" in English, the French vitrine can be a beautiful and functional addition to your furniture repertoire. Say you collect vintage figurines or perhaps turn of the century glassware. A cabinet with glass doors can allow you to show off your remarkable collection, while also keeping them both safe and out of the way of items that are used everyday. Having dedicated storage like this can help prevent the dreaded feeling of clutter.

Do you have an unused area of one room in your home? Perhaps you can utilize that bit of forgotten wall to exhibit a fabulous antique bookcase. If you have a collection of books, magazines, graphic novels, or manuscripts, now you can keep them both safe as well as in plain view.

And, of course, we have the mother of all storage pieces: the armoire. Particularly useful for older homes that may not have ever had closets or that may have undersized closets, a classic armoire can be a visual powerhouse that also serves your storage needs. Being in the antiques world as we are, we often see some remarkable and lovely uses of antique and vintage armoires in modern homes that really speak to how timeless a well-constructed antique can be. There are others, too, that we didn't mention. An étagère, a petrin, a chest-of-drawers, a buffet, buffet d'appui, enfilade, sideboard… The list goes on! Thanks for reading! Happy spring cleaning and don't forget to find joy!

posted on 5/11/2018