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What We Love About French Antiques

There are many reasons to love antiques, really. So it may be difficult to distill our primary reasons here. But we'll give it a shot!

Resilient: These pieces, they last. Classic styles are simply timeless and are constantly telling us stories of their unique journeys through history. Many of the older pieces of furniture and decorative fixtures were made of stronger materials! If you've ever had a brand-spanking new armchair fall apart after just a few months or years, you know the value of strong, old-world construction. The convenience of some modern, inexpensive prefabricated furniture from Sweden (that shall remain nameless) cannot hold a candle to a well-crafted piece of history.

Beautiful: We dare say that it is universally accepted that well cared for antiques are simply beautiful. When we decided to make our passion for fine things into our business, we relied heavily on the enthusiasm of collectors and those who appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. It is with them in mind that we seek out the items in our collection, because we know that our customers have the same appreciation for beauty like we do. And because the definition of beauty changes over time, we love to educate our customers on what makes a piece beautiful in its own time.

Significant: The design trends from the 1700s into the 20th century were the catalyst for most other design trends that you may take for granted today. One thing to remember, especially about some of the older design styles, is that they literally inspired everything else you see. And if you are of the mindset that design is society, that makes the design movements of yesteryear both historically AND culturally significant. Through innovation, old style becomes new style and our connection to the past.

Classic: The classic French designs are still breathtakingly easy to call beautiful today. The elegant curves of Louis XV, the grandeur of Empire, the whimsy of Art Nouveau. When we find a piece for sale at one of the antiques markets in the South of France, it is always enjoyable to identify the period in which it was made. Each epoch had its calling card. And each calling card is a wonderful story!

Art Deco: Both Cathy and Pierre often claim that Art Deco is one of their favorite design periods. The grand statements made by designers in this era are sometimes humanist, sometimes political, sometimes even controversial; but always cool. Art Deco always makes us feel like we are on a 1930s Hollywood movie set and at any minute the director will shout "Action!"

Vintage: Pieces from this era generally have a feel of nostalgia for many of us. Even if we weren't alive when they were made, we certainly have seen them in popular media from those days. Perhaps you had some pieces from this era, or your parents did. Maybe you saw them on the set of your favorite TV show. For example, Pierre's childhood home was filled with Mid-Century furniture. So when he sees pieces in that style, he is immediately taken back to that time. Now, you might say "Of course he loves French vintage; he's French!" Mais oui, but we have discussed many reasons to appreciate fine antiques and vintage pieces. After all, many of these design epochs resonated around the world!

We would like to know what design period you love. Which one is your favorite???

posted on 7/28/2020