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Marseille Vieux Port Pavilion

Featured on the left is one of Cathy's photographs of Marseille's Port Pavilion that had just been completed and opened to the public during one of our buying trips to France. Completed in March, 2013, the Marseille Vieux Port Pavilion, designed by Foster + Partners, was featured in the February 2014 edition of Architectural Digest.

You can check out the article at www.architecturaldigest.com

Part of a larger initiative to renovate and revitalize the waterfront of the fifth largest seaport on the Mediterranean. Lined primarily in pale granite, the new quayside is very pedestrian-friendly. And a number of bistros and cafes dot the area, making it a lovely spot to explore at just about any time of day.

Billed by its architects as a literal reflection of its surroundings, the massive wing of the pavilion provides a covered space for events, as well as a massive draw for crowds who simply want to see it. The six minimalist pillars make the canopy seem to float above the passers-by. It's no wonder that many get lost in the reflections, gazing up (and back down) at themselves :D

posted on 5/25/2018