A Few Great Vignettes

We love treating our customers to a glimpse of our collection! Over the years, our photography skills and equipment have evolved. And, we have discovered that it is oftentimes thanks to our photography that we help customers with their decisions on what pieces they want to add to their homes. Recently, we have been in the studio photographing some of our favorite new pieces. And, we wanted to show off these items both standing alone and in our curated vignette settings. Many customers have noted that it is our vignette photographs that help them make their purchasing decision. They have told u...   read full post »

posted on 6/28/2020


Design Trends Popping Up in 2020

When Pantone announced that the Color of the Year for 2020 would be Classic Blue, many were not surprised. Blue is the color of calm and confidence, so it's really no wonder that blue is a fine choice for an interior space. But it's not just wall color; we are seeing blue show up in furniture uphols...   read full post »

posted on 5/12/2020


Local Spotlight: Boggy Creek Farm

Preservation Magazine...   read full post »

posted on 4/28/2020


Dining Alfresco with Négrel Antiques

Studies show eating meals outdoors can boost your immune system and soothe the spirit. Being outdoors eases stress and stimulates vitamin D production, and I rarely have a meal that I don't enjoy, so it stands to reason that combining these two pleasant activities should be the perfect activity. And...   read full post »

posted on 4/10/2020


In Search of the Best Bouillabaisse in Marseille

As many of you who read our blog know, Pierre is from Marseille and so we have always had a deep connection to that ancient port city. Originally founded in 600 BC by the Greeks, the city has a wild and varied history as an independent city-state, a Roman city, a naval port, and a cultural hub. One ...   read full post »

posted on 3/11/2020


Photography and Color Correction with Négrel Antiques

The importance of accurate color: How many of you have ordered a red shirt from a catalog or online only to have it arrive pink? Or thought that a stylish taupe sofa looked great in the showroom, but looks like a bland grey once it's delivered to your home? The importance of accurate color cannot be...   read full post »

posted on 2/12/2020


Doors and Windows of France

We travel to the south of France every year, and each time we return, the architecture leaves us in complete awe. One of the things that we always notice in our travels is the wide variety of window and door styles in both the cities and villages and throughout the countryside. Here is a visual diar...   read full post »

posted on 1/16/2020

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